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Yes? Feel free to email  me your questions or add them to our forum page.  I  help parents in email and Skype. Most Families can  Benefit from Parenting and Baby-Kid Coaching:

Starting pre-school or new school?

Tired of Kids begging for snacks all the time and overeating?  ( Healthy Feelings = Healthy Eating = Healthy Behavior)

When parents help their children with their hidden feelings  behavior improves!

 When parents spend more time with their kids and play pretend with them behavior improves.

 I help parents understand how their childhood impacts the parenting of their children. I help parents figure out  what they didn’t get emotionally as children so they can start  giving emotionally to their kids.

 I educate parents  on how their anxiety, fears, yelling, moodiness, overworking, overeating, not eating are all examples of difficulty processing emotions. I help parents  learn how to process their emotions differently without symptoms so they can teach their kids how.

 We wouldn’t hire a lawyer without a law degree yet we parent without a degree. I recommend to all parents (even therapists)  to consult with a child therapist monthly on how to help your kids process their hidden emotions and develop new coping skills.



About Ava Parnass, Parenting Expert- Child Therapist. (Formerly

 Let’s Create a Better Tomorrow | One Feeling- One Behavior at a Time.  

Ava has worked at New York Hospital-Cornell in child psychiatry before private practice

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Prevention and increased mental health skills requires Empathy 1st and Listening 1st. Before educating, lecturing, teaching, reminding, scolding or punishing. Ava’s mission is to teach parents and kids how to investigate and understand their feelings to improve behavior and overeating.

Ava has educated parents, teachers, doctors and children on the long term benefits of using EMPATHY and Compassion for feelings and new skills instead of punishment and time-outs.

Ava coined the phrase “Time-In not Time -Out” helping  parents to learn new skills with the use of   Empathy to improve mental health. Ms Parnass’s focus is now on Prevention of problems and not Medicating kids for being kids.

If parents start to work at an early age with a child expert they can improve long term mental health.The questions to be answered are “What feelings are your children communicating by misbehaving or overeating ? And how can parents  show those feelings compassion and then solve the problems with new skills.

Prevention and Improvement can be achieved by understanding that if we change our parenting by learning new skills our kids behavior will improve.  When parents  use empathy and compassion instead of punishment, and time-outs and speak kindly-gently  to their children behavior improves.

The books and songs here are to help parents and kids become Behavior -Feelings Detectives.

The book “Hungry Feeling not Hungry Tummy” and My Feelings are Hungry have  100’s of Conversation Starters plus tips to help children and families who have difficult behavior or overeat  or beg for snacks.