Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 1.05.13 PMAva Parnass is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who spends time in the world of “Feeling Town” helping children and teens with their feelings and behavior.  In addition Ava works with parents, writes books and songs and participates in social media, music and tv.

What we are all going through now is very hard! Life has changed, and our children and families need extra support.

Our priority now is our children’s mental health. Please reach out to me, as a child and family psychotherapist, I can help your kids feel better! I incorporate play-talk therapy and feelings games for:

1) Feelings Groups on Zoom of 3-4 kids who are friends,

2) Online Sessions for Parents and Kids to help with all the feelings right now,

3) Online Sessions for parents and kids of younger ages 

4) Online Groups of 3-4 teens who are friends.

5) Feelings Groups on Zoom in the classroom for all ages 

6) Individual sessions for Kids-Teens- Adults

The sessions are fun and supportive as well as helpful emotionally.Parents  have reported that playing feelings games and talking -drawing feelings on zoom is helping a lot  to improve their child’s -teen and families reactions to the trauma of isolation, illness and life in general.

The kids have said  they’re having a great time and they feel so much better.

Now that the weather is nice and the quarantine is slowly beginning to lift please inquire about Ava’s socially distanced “feelings and moving classes” for the summer with three or four children at a time, in riverside park near 79 st. 

 Ava is a holistic eclectic psychotherapist for over 25 years who attended Columbia graduate school and worked at NYH Cornell before private practice.

Treatment Modalities used: Feeling Town map, drawing, games, talking feelings ,songs, cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, and family systems techniques. Ava also incorporate Healthy Feelings =Healthy eating, meditation spirituality and movement . 

Ava Parnass helps children and families listen to the message underneath their behavior and  figure out what emotional needs are to be met in addition to new coping skills. 

I truly believe after decades in practice “It’s Easier to Build Up a Child Than to Repair An Adult.”  I helps parents and kids translate and  understand the feeling and  the message and emotions underneath a child’s behavior and or overeating. WE PUT HIDDEN feelings and BEHAVIOR into Words, and New Skills.

Ava uses Empathy, compassion, listening, along with cognitive techniques leading to improved behavior and mental health. 

👫 Parents! Become Behavior and Feelings Detectives –  Connect with Ava  for help in understanding the message and emotions underneath your child’s behavior and or overeating. Connect with Ava and learn the meaning of “Food Cravings” and why getting healthy is not about Will Power. 

ONE HUG, AT A TIME.”  ©2018avaparnass

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✅ NOTE: AvaParnass.com is the new website, formerly known as ListentomePlease.com