Be a Behavior Detective using Time-In Parenting and Emotional Intelligence to Improve Behavior

If your child is overeating or misbehaving try a behavior-food-mood makeover using the anacronym P.L.E.A.S.E (in addition to  the conversation starters in the books and song “My Feelings are Hungry” and “Hungry Feelings not Hungry Tummy” for children and parents on Amazon. 

                         P is for play: Play together more, including imaginative games.

                         L is for love: Spend more quality time together. Children may appear to tolerate a parent who is unavailable, very anxious, overworked or distracted but they often medicate those difficult feelings with food.

                          E is for emotions: Have empathy for your kid’s feelings, i.e. “I’m sorry that happened.” Educate your family on emotional intelligence by consulting with an expert to uncover hidden feelings. Remember that healthy feelings lead to healthy eating.

                          A is for activity: Be more active daily, increasing the amount of xercise you and your children get.walk and talk bike and talk etc 

                          S is for silence: Listen more, talk less, pay attention to your child’s clues  and be in the moment. When you speak, keep it positive by demonstrating new skills instead of resorting to punishment and control.

                          E is for eat healthy: Weight Watchers and Overeaters Anonymous are great places to learn!

Try Exchanging these Old Thoughts:

“It’s hopeless.” “They hate me.”

“I am always upset.”

“You never play with me.”

“I always fail.”

“I am not good at anything.” “Things are always so hard.”

“Things never work out.”

New thoughts :

“I will feel better.”

“Disagreements happen. We’ll move past it soon.”

“Stories and hugs make me feel calm.” “In the morning we will play again

and have fun.”

“It will be great when I do well.”

“I will do my best and try hard.” “Wouldn’t it be nice if things

got easier?”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if things started working out?”