Dear Mom and Dad : it’s not that I want to break things!

And it’s not that I purposely trying to miss behave. I really do want to behave, I do want to listen to you, but sometimes you tell me every second of every minute of every day what to do, who could listen to that.

Would you be able to handle that if someone told you what to do every minute? Daddy, I see you get annoyed every time mommy tries to tell you what to do? Haha yes I know I’m 4, but I do see things.

You always say to me, please behave, I would if I could, I want to listen to you but then something happens to me and takes over my body. It’s just that I’m not old enough and I don’t have the words to tell you what’s bothering me, so my behavior is telling you what’s bothering me.

I need you to understand that my behavior is communicating and telling you what’s wrong, but I don’t know what’s wrong, and I don’t know how to tell you, so you have to help me.

You have to say “maybe your feelings are hurt” and I’ll say “no it’s nothing”.

You have to say “maybe you’re angry” and I’ll say “I don’t know”, you have to help me and I’ll probably be years before I could figure out what I’m feeling.

But you have to keep trying till I am 10 and then I can tell you once in a while.

But I’m young now and need to learn my feelings words.

And you will know you guessed the right feeling if my mood or my behavior gets better or my expression changes.

Then you will know that you got it right.

I wish I could just say what I’m feeling, I wish I could know what I was feeling, but even adults don’t know what they feel a lot of the time.

You wouldn’t expect me to all of a sudden just know how to read without teaching me, right? So I am not going to know how I feel and then on top of that know how to tell you.

Please teach me, but maybe you don’t know how to teach me about my feelings, do you know how?

Try the books Listen To Me Please  And My Feelings are Hungry st